Örs Köszeghy, cellist

Örs Köszeghy, cellist


30th of April 2019

Károly and Örs Kőszeghy: Small Piece for violoncello solo (2019). Camera by Charlotte Girod. Recorded on the 21st of March 2019 in the Thomaskerk, Amsterdam (NL).

31st of March 2019

Luc van Hove: 'Aria' for violoncello solo op.28 (1992). Camera by Charlotte Girod. Recorded on the 21st of March 2019 in the Thomaskerk, Amsterdam (NL).

9 august 2016

György Ligeti: Sonate for violoncello solo (1948/53). Also appearing: 'The Footsteps Carpet' by Charlotte Girod. Recorded on the 27th of july 2016 in the Akoesticum, Ede (NL).

8 january 2015

It took a while, but our latest video, 'Sándor Veress - Sonata per violoncello solo (1967), recorded at the Brion Cemetery, designed by Carlo Scarpa' is finally ready! I'm eternally thankful to Charlotte Girod for showing me this awe-inspiring building complex; for her wonderful camerawork; and of course for her solution of how to actually record the piece on the location!

9 june 2013

Zoltán Kodály: Sonata for solo cello Op.8 (1915)
with wonderful camerawork by Charlotte Girod.

Charlotte and Örs recorded this video during their artist in residence programme at 'Stichting Post 15', Pécsbagota, Hungary.

13 april 2013

Michel van der Aa: 'Oog' for cello and soundtrack, 1995 with great camerawork by Charlotte Girod.

19 September 2012

Paul Hindemith: Sonate for Violoncello solo, opus 25/3, starring the very special Plexwood 'Ssstoell' by Charlotte Girod.

29 August 2012

Luigi Dallapiccola: Ciaccona, Intermezzo e Adagio, with wonderful camera work from Charlotte Girod. Also appearing: the 'knotted chandelier' by Liane Elshout.

6 July 2012

Max Reger: Suite in G major, Op.131c Nr.1
recorded in het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

27 April 2012

Rudolf Escher: Sonate per violoncello solo (1945/48). In focus: the 'Kkkrukk' by Charlotte Girod

about the videos

In spring 2012 a collaboration started between Charlotte Girod and Örs Köszeghy to create video recordings of solo cello pieces in various architectural settings.

In each video, both Charlotte and Örs has to react to the nature of the chosen location: for example, to the high background noise from the furniture factory in the Toonkamer or to the periodical roar of airplanes over the Glazen Huis. Similarly, all but one of the recordings are made using only daylight, not only since daylight is the best type of light, but also to show clearly that cuts only happen between separate movements ('Oog' by Michel van der Aa was recorded by artificial light - still in one cut of course). The recordings also often feature a designer object of high handcraftsmanship and quality, to create a focus for viewer, recorder and player alike.

Everything is connected in these videos: the choice of music, the location, the image and the focus object all work to together to strenghten each other.

The videos are also available on the YouTube channel of Örs.