Örs Köszeghy, cellist

Örs Köszeghy, cellist


22nd of January 2024

Örs Kőszeghy: Téridőtöredék (Spacetime fragment) (2023), originally for violin, voice and chromatic accordeon. A patchwork recording by Luca and Örs Kőszeghy of the arrangement for voice, violin (or viola or cello) and piano is now available on Soundcloud.

18th of March 2023

Diet Tilanus and Örs Kőszeghy plays Örs Kőszeghy: Mini Ouroboros (Small Piece for Violin and Violoncello) 2023. Recorded on the 18th of March 2023 in Kerkje Rogstraat, Scheveningen.

21st of May 2022

Diet Tilanus and Servaas Jessen plays Örs Kőszeghy: Small Piece for Violin and Double Bass. Recorded on the 21st of May 2022 in the Raadzaal of Museum Veere, NL, during the 2022 Sinfonietta Strijkers Festival .

30th of April 2019

Károly and Örs Kőszeghy: Small Piece for violoncello solo (2019). Camera by Charlotte Girod. Recorded on the 21st of March 2019 in the Thomaskerk, Amsterdam (NL).

Small Pieces?

"I must admit that I was a little surprised when Diet and Servaas, my dear colleagues at Amsterdam Sinfonietta asked me if I'd like to compose a piece of music for them. A little surprised, but also immediately enthousiastic about the idea!

To clarify: I'm a cellist. That being said, I'm also someone who on tour buses gladly spends his time working on music theory exercises or reading perplexing books, and who - if you're not alert enough - is more than happy to begin in a vague and rather complicated manner about his father who wanted to be a composer,

or about that very interesting book of Carlo Rovelli where one can read how events do not happen in time, but rather how time comes to exist as a result of the interaction of events,

or about that theory of art by an aesthete from the time of Béla Bartók, according to which theory an artwork should develop, out of the simplest of seeds, the most contrasting, conflicting characters; the conflicts of which characters should create a form; in which form the characters should come to peace with each other,

and which happens to be the theory that - along with the song of some imaginary birds - I choose as the starting point for my composition 'Kis Darab Hegedűre és Nagybőgőre', that is, for my Small Piece for Violin and Double bass."

(introduction to Kis Darab Heged?re és Nagyb?g?re on occasion of its premiere on the 21st of May, 2022)

Mini Ouroboros

"Half past three in the night. A double-wall away, lying on the floor of my study are sheets of paper full with halfway and wholly explored ideas that will not be a part of the second composition that I've ever attempted - that I'm attempting - to write.

A little to the left from those sheets of paper - between the books 'A Universe from Nothing' by Lawrence M. Krauss and 'The End Of Everything, Astrophysically Speaking' by Katie Mack - lies the music theory book from which, at the age of eleven, my father (who became an architect) learned everything that there is to know about harmony.

I am, at the age of forty-two, in the middle of chapter 20: modulation, an almost complete list about the many ways the masters moved their music from one tonality to the other. The chapter just stops short of supplying the reader with a table pairing each type of modulation with the emotional response that it will most likely evoke in the listener.

I have promised myself to finish all the excercises of that chapter, after I have finished this second composition.

But alas, my second composition is refusing to be finished. The theme (if one is allowed to call six notes, or three consecutive intervals a theme) is flying dizzily around in my head and pulls the structure that I have cobbled together with some considerable effort behind itself with a laugh. No scale, no chord so far has proven to be a good enough bait to catch it.

Outside a bird begins to sing, and for no reason whatsoever I have to think of 'The Order of Time', a book by Carlo Rovelli where one can read how events do not happen in time, but rather how time comes to exist as a result of the interaction of events, and about how infinitely intense each moment is between "A Universe from Nothing" and "The End Of Everything, Astrophisically Speaking" if most probably there is no way to smuggle information through to an other or next universe, if such a thing as an other or next universe is even possible.

Half past three in the night, lying in bed might indeed not be the most appropriate moment to compose music. And then, suddenly, the solution reveals itself to me! In order for the piece to come to an end, all it needs to do is to bite into its own tail! By doing so it will be finished and will come to life: behold, my Kis Darab Hegedűre és Gordonkára, that is, my Small Piece for Violin and Violoncello, or as it shall be known, my Mini Ouroboros."

(introduction to Mini Ouroboros (Small Piece for Violin and Violoncello), 2023 on occasion of its first performances between the 10th and 18th of March, 2023)

Please let me know if you have interest in the sheet music of any of my Small Pieces.