Örs Köszeghy, cellist

Örs Köszeghy, cellist

Duo Tilanus - Kőszeghy

From the choir of frogs in Biber's 'Representatio Avium' to the approaching storm in Kodály's Duo; from the unstoppable steam engine in Ravel's Sonata to the tender meanderings of Schulhoff's Andantino; from the liveliness of Bartok's Romanian folk dances, the wit and charm of Stravinsky's Suite Italienne and passing of dreamlike memories of Dvorak's Silhouettes to the virtuoso passages of the Passacaglia of Handel-Halvorsen, the repertoire of Duo Tilanus - Kőszeghy covers the broadest range of music and emotions.

Next to existing pieces composed for their respective instruments, they also play their own arrangements and transcriptions of hidden gems from the baroque to the romantic era and beyond.

Violinist Diet Tilanus and cellist Örs Köszeghy played together as a duo for the first time during the opening concert of the 2019 Sinfonietta String Festival Zeeland. An instant musical match, they have since brought their playful, always exploring way of playing to enthousiastic audiences across the Netherlands.

Trio Dumas

Trio Dumas is the string trio of violinist Joseph Puglia, violist Chaim Steller and cellist Örs Köszeghy.

Since their inaugural concert in 2007 at the Bartok Béla Memorial House in Budapest they perform steadily in various concert halls in the Netherlands and developed a unique repertoire combining compositions from the baroque era to contemporary pieces, and playing music in solo and duo as well as in trio formation.

They are praised by audiences for their energy, unique and varied programmes and technical prowess. Their concerts are often accompanied by in depth introductions to the pieces by their viola player, Chaim Steller.

In 2008 the trio was offered to record a disc of chamber music for Hungaroton Records with clarinetist László Horváth. The CD - Bernard Crusell: Clarinet Quartets - is now avaiable at various music stores and internet sites. (Click here if interested!)

In 2009 Trio Dumas was awarded the Sándor Veress prize.

Maneon Trio

Maneon is a flexibel ensemble around the three musicians Örs Köszeghy (cello), Céleste Zewald (clarinet) en Daniël Kramer (piano).

One of the goals of these musicians is to combine the repertoire written for the three instruments with repertoire to be played with one or more guestmusicians. This gives Maneon the chance to bring a larger and less standard range of compositions.

Concerts by Maneon are always of a high standard with a playful touch.